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This web site throws light on the evolutionary history of the Kerala Police down the ages. The earliest history of the force is unwritten and obscure.We have done research work inorder to trace out the history of the force as far as possible. Scarcity of written records was one of the difficulties we faced in the formation of this site. Inspite of all the difficulties, we have tried to make this site very comprehensive. We would be all the more delighted, if the site is proved useful to the common people, research scholars, and those who want to know more about the Kerala Police.

‘Kerala Police Down the Ages’ is an endeavor to bring out the History of Kerala Police for the benefit of the public. In 2007, the Kerala Police celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its formation. We had conducted a very successful exhibition in Thiruvananthapuram from 18. 04. 2007 to 21. 04. 2007 to mark the beginning of our Jubilee Celebrations. The efforts to collect artifacts, photographs and documents for the exhibition continued since then. The research for historical documents pertaining to the Police formations of Kerala through the State Archives, various Police Offices etc. culminated in producing more than 5000 pages of soft documents. Out of the above, a few interesting pages are selected and presented for the public in this website. The Police in Kerala has a rich history which may evince people’s interest. You are cordially invited to visit the site and send your valuable comments to

You are also welcome to pay a visit to the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Police Museum, East Police Station premises Kollam.


In every community , LAWS exist to regulate society. Within society, it is usually the police who ensure that these laws are enforced. The Police prevent or solve crime, capture criminals and hand them over for trial, and protect and aid the public. In the course of these duties, the police may undertake many different tasks such as directing traffic, controlling riots, or investigating serious crimes. In times of emergency, they may be asked to find shelter and protection for victims of fires, floods, or other disasters.

Police forces are Government organisations charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and order. The police may also be known as a constabulary, after constables, who were an early manifestation of police officers.

Kerala Police is an approximately 42,000 strong police force of the state of Kerala in the Republic of India, serve a population of over 31.8 million residing in five cities, 53 municipal towns, and 1452 villages spread over an area of 38,863 square kilometers with an average population density of 819 per square kilometer. Of this, about 8.2 million people live in urban areas and 23.6 million live in rural areas.



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