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From : Umer Farooq P.P, Saudi Arabia (

Congratulations  to Dr. B. Sandhya I.P.S. and her dynamic six member team from the Special Armed Police for this historic event.  History plays a glorious role in molding the society.  If a team of dedicated people gathers lots of useful information and materials by digging the history of the Police Force it will be certainly a miraculous work.  By putting it to the Web. Site they made a great service to students, historians and the public in general to know much about our police force.  It also will help the people to clear the misunderstanding about the police force and create a very good healthy atmosphere in maintaining law and order.

Let me greet Hon. Home Minster and Hon. DGP for their encouragement.


From : Praveen Ramachandran , Technopark, Tvm (

I appreciate all the efforts put in by everybody involved in making such a pleasent in view to the Police force and the historical emergence.I went through the site and was truly amazed to find few matters which i was not aware till this time.Hats Off to the Kerala Police Force and their service.It was such a wondeful thing to be put in front of public which provides a detailed inview and meaning of what POLICE is.I would appreciate similar efforts in the future which will we be an encouragement to the society.


From : Prasanth S.R (

Having immense pleasure to see such a fabulous website for our Kerala Police. From this site I could understand the History of Indian Police of various ages. Please put little more effort to make this site outstanding one....


From : Murali Nagapuzha (



From : Arjunan A (

I just glanced through the web site on Kerala Police History. May I congratulate the DGP and the IGP who have made this effort possible and successful? I belong to the 1959 batch of the IPS and had the opportunity to serve in the State till March 1967 when I proceeded to the centre on deputation, never to return again to the State till my retirement in 1995. I had always felt that Kerala Police has been the trend setter in many areas for  long periods and it is only fitting that the latest effort fits in with this trend.


From : Saji Krishnan, South Africa (

.i am living in...south africa know .......acidently...i visited ur web set kerala policehistory...i am glad to read about the history of our police stories...i am astonished...ur effort is higly appericiated....more than two year...i am abroud know...i am happy to no that our police force done a good effort ....go back to your past...well done...expecially....i want to congrates...sandya ips and whole team behind these hostorical efforts....once again from my heart full congerats.......nothing more to say for these....well people prepeard...very well...we people expecting more like these.....thanks


From : Sachin P.K (

It was a nice experience to go through this web site of Kerala Police. The history of the state police force generally remained unknown, and it is was high time that the police's history was taken in front of the public. I felt that this has been a well researched web site, and does contain many good information about the state police during its yester-years. Please put up more and more historical information as and when you come across them.

Good to see that this web site was a team effort with senior IPS officers along with the Sub-Inspectors and constabulary, and even retired officers actively taking part. May such team work continue to be a tradition in the force.


From : Pablo Cools (

 My mother's maiden name is Gunther and I have been doing some genealogical research into the family history. In our genealogy data base I have a George Horatio Gunther (1841-1900) The family lived in Cochin and the Gunther's have a long history with the area and some were doctors. George Horatio Gunther was a doctor and possibly physician to Rama Varna. Is this the same Gunther who was asked by Rama Varna to present a study on the police force and who subsequently became the first police commissioner?
   I would appreciate any information you could be so good as to communicate.


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