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" Oppurtunities for the people of Kerala to join hands with Police to fight crime as well as to improve the security of their nieghbourhood."


The Police forces in democratic countries have proved the importance of the co- operation of the public in improving the efficiency of the functioning of the Police.Kerala Police has implemented such programmes from time to time. It has been decided to implement the Community Policing Security Programme as the official programme of the Kerala Police. The programme is named ‘Janamaithri Suraksha Programme’.

Considering the area having 500 homes as a unit, the jurisdiction of a police station may be divided in to several community policing beats. One beat area should not exceed 3 sq. kms. That is, the beat officer should be able to cover each community-policing beat with in one beat time. For example as a postman performs his duty of a post office area every day, the beat officer should be able to visit his beat area to ensure the security of the people of his region

Kerala has successfully implemented many community policing schemes years back.  Some of the examples are enumerated below.

  1. Complaint Card System – Traffic police print complaint cards and distribute among the public.  The public could directly address the City Police Commissioner / Supdt of Police through these cards.  The system was first introduced by the then City Police Commissioner, Calicut City in 1980.  Even now the Taxies and  autorickshaws in Calicut City are well-known for the polite behaviour and people friendly culture.  This could be inculcated among the autorickshaw and taxi drivers through the complaint card system and proper education of the drivers.
  2. Residential Associations – Neighourhood watch schemes with the help of residential associations have been successfully implemented in Trivandrum City, Kollam, Kozhikode etc.
  3. Traffic Warden System – Volunteers who are trained in traffic duty are put to help the traffic police in traffic control. This has been successfully implemented in many cities of Kerala.
  4. Social Service – All the three cities in Kerala and Thrissur and Kollam Districts have Family Counselling Centres which are highly successful.  The Kollam District is also having a Victim Liaison Cell namely KRIPA. Since many years police have been helping the public in construction of roads, in getting drinking water etc which has won the applaud of the public.
  5. Prepaid Autorickshaw Hiring System - This has been successfully implemented in cities like Trivandrum, Kochi, Kollam etc.
  6. Crime Stopper System – The public can give information to the District Police by ringing up a Toll Free No. 1090 through out the State of Kerala. This was appreciated by the National Human Rights Commission, and the National Human Rights Commission advised all other states to introduce this system.

Inaugural Ceremony - 26.03.2008

at Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram





















District Wise Seminars













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