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Kerala Armed Police II Battalion Headquarters is situated at Puduppariyaram village, in Palakkad District. KAP II Battalion was formed on 4.7.1977 as per the GO (MS) 132/76/home Dtd 6.10.1976. One company of MSP was stationed here till 1977. MSP vacated all the buildings and handed them over to KAP II Battalion in July 1977.

The place is not famous for anything except Muttikulangara oil. About the oil: legend says that about five generations ago one Ezhava family karanavar got some fish from a pond. There itself he cleaned and cut the fish and sent it home covered with a leaf. But later when it reached home, it was found that the cut fish remains united and no cut was seen. The clever fellow realized that this leaf is a medical herb and can be used for treating cuts and wounds. Using this leaf he manufactured the oil, which is used as a potent medicine. Lots of people visit here for treatment and the name of the plant is kept secret.

Important thing about the camp is that it is just perched on the root of Ghat Wind, which assumes high velocity and adversely affects the health of the personnel. Because of the same reason the place is subjected to extreme climate.


At present Nilambur is a detachment camp KAP 2. An area of 32.8 acres of forest land at Aruvacode in Nilambur Division was leased out to MSP as per the GO ( MS ) No. 1075/25 Dtd: 20. 07. 1925 for the occupation of the Special Police Force. The lease of the above forest land was renewed every year by the Commandant, MSP Malappuram and DFO Nilambur. As per the GO (MS) 303/70/ Agri Dtd: 06/ 08/ 1970 an extent of 2 Acres of land from 32.8 Acres of forest land in survey No. 197 in Aruvacode in Nilambur range, Nilambur division already on lease ( Free on Rent ) to the Police Department for the accommodation of MSP personnel as per orders content in the GO ( MS ) No. 1075/25 Dtd ; 20. 07. 1925 of the then government of Madras for the Revenue Department for allotment to the Police Department and Chief Conservator of Police has been ordered to take further action in the matter. On the basis of the GO a joint inspection has been conducted by the then District Collector, Malappuram, Commandant MSP, Supdt. of Police Malappuram and DFO Nilambur and the DFO has agreed top release 30.8 Acres of forest land as per the GO ( MS ) No. 396/76 AD Dtd : 22. 11. 1976. Two Acres of land have already been transferred to Police department as per the GO ( MS ) 303/ 70/ Agri Dtd: 06. 08. 1970 for construction of quarters for the staff of Nilambur Police Station.


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