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Photos of Police Float in connection with Onam Celebrations 2008




Kerala Police at the United Nations




Kerala Police Academy, Thrissur


Police Martyrs


Significant changes to the delivery of policing at the local level and the statutory responsibilities on the part of the Police made the duty of   " Responsible authority" to save the community from untoward incidents.  The Police force is nothing but a common agency complying with the statutory orders, which has to serve during emergency occasions.  There are occupational hazards and stress experiences which make them victims of duty.  The Policemen sacrifice their lives by facing tragic confrontations while performing their duties to protect the society at large.  The quality of the service is not measured merely in terms of law and order problems.  They cannot be criticised in the scale of zero tolerance test or any romantic reasons.    We bow our heads in reverence before the Police Martyrs. 

List of Martyrs from 1998


PC 4301 Mohanan, Kottayam


PC 4407 Vinod K V,KAP 4,
PC 6607 Lonappan, Cochin city , Sri.
HC 6544 Uthaman.G.,  (Bomb Squad), BDDS,SBCID


B.S. Koya, SI, Alappuzha,
Premdas, ASI, Kozhikode Rural,
PC 3623 Soman Pillai,  Alappuzha


RTWPC B.Priya Rani ,
PCT 6627  A. Anand Kumar


Dvr. PC 170 Gireesh KAP 2


PC 6444 V.M Suresh Kumar, Kottayam ,      
ASI Elias M.C, Kottayam


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