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Police in Travancore – Cochin.

Princely states of Travancore and Cochin were first combined in 1949 and came to be known as “Thiru Cochi”. The King of Travancore had the upper hand after the Travancore-Cochin dissolution. Sri. Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma was the head of the states and was known as "Raja Pramukhan”. Several atrocious incidents- the Adoor incident, the Idappally incident etc. were reported during the period. The Police could arrest the culprits. When peace was maintained, concentration was given to the reorganization of the police. In the early 1950s the Travancore-Cochin state was politically unstable. The policy of determining states according to language resulted in several violent agitations. The Police tried hard and suppressed these agitations. During this time further reformative reorganizations were introduced. The most important among these was the reorganization of Traffic and Taxation branch. The firemen and equipments were brought under the control of a fire officer. Another remarkable reform was the exemption of District Superintendents of Police from duties related to the registration of motor vehicles, issuing driving licenses, exerting road tax etc.

On November 1, 1955 Travancore Cochin and parts of Malabar, which was part of Madras Presidency, merged to form a new state called “Kerala”.

The reorganization of the states on the basis of language in 1956,  resulted in the formation of the Kerala State on 1st November 1956.  Upon the formation of the State of Kerala, Travancore, Cochin and Malabar areas merged, though certain parts in those areas were separated. The entire Police Establishment underwent major changes. The total strength of the Kerala Police except M S P and Fire Force in 1956 was 11,312. 

The Travancore- Cochin State General Armed Reserve was divided into two on Ist July 1958. The Armed Police Headquarters as well as the units associated with it, the Special Armed Police and the Malabar Special Police came under the control of a senior Superintendent of Police. The same Superintendent also functioned as the Principal of the Police Training College.

Certain special powers and functions were given to the Kerala Police by enacting the Kerala Police Act of 1960.  The First All Women Police Station in India was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi at Kozhikode in 1973. The designation of the head of Police department was changed to Director General of Police (D.G.P) in 1981. T. Anantha Sankara Iyer became the first D.G.P of Kerala. 


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