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Uniform of Royal Guard - Travancore Kingdom

Uniform of Travancore King's Police Man

Traditional Uniform of Travancore Police

Uniform of WPCs in 1939

In pre - 1970s Uniform - Sub Inspector

Uniform of HCs in 1970

Uniform of Police Constable in 1970s

Uniform of WPCs in 1970

White Saree with Green Border - Uniform of WPCs in 1970

Khakki Saree Uniform of WPCs

Slouch Hat Uniform of Armed Reserve Police Constable 1980s

Cross Belt & Working Uniform - Sub Inspectors

Uniform of Officers with Tunic & Sword

Working Uniform of Officers

Police Constable - Armed Police Battalion

Police Constable - Armed Reserve Police

Uniform - Local Police Constable

Uniform - WPCs

Blue Safari Suit Uniform of Commando PCs

Camouflague Dangri Uniform - Commando PCs

Dangri Uniform - Commando PCs

Uniform of Traffic Police Constable

Uniform of Tourism Police Constable

Ceremonial Uniform of WPCs

Ceremonial Uniform of Band PCs

Uniform of Anti Sabotage Party

Uniform of Watch & Ward of KLA

Uniform of Highway Police

Uniform of Police CIDs

PT Ceremonial White & White Uniform of Officers

Fatigue Uniform of Recruits

Riot Dress with Equipments

Uniform of Personal Security Guards

Ceremonial Uniform of Brass Band PCs

Uniform of Bomb Squad

Ceremonial Dress of Armed Police Battalion Constable

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